Sunday, 16 May 2010

Knitted Squares

l'm sure we all have things that we didn't want to throw away as they "may come in useful" and this is how it is with these knitted squares. Not enough for a blanket but not sure what else to do with them?

Well these

Are being changed into these-------

IPOD covers inside they are lined with either Laura Ashley or Cath Kidson Fabric. They are then going to be finished with button or flowers like this one.
Not bad something out of nothing.
Have a good Sunday

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Hang my Head in Shame

Yes this blog has been very neglected over the last month or two but for some reason today l wanted to write something.... Then what do l write ?

Well life has been busy as l'm sure all yours have been, l've kept up reading other blogs and maybe its just been a funny start to the year as lots of blogs went quiet and now seemed to have sprung back to life.

As always the craft room is full to bursting and one of the shops l supply to has asked me to start on craft kits so thats my next project when l've tided up.

l will endeavour to share these kits with you if the photo's turn out.

hope you all have a good Bank Holiday.