Saturday, 28 November 2009

Christmas Fairs

Why do we do it? what makes some of us put our hands up and others don't?

I'm in the put your hand up brigade.

Today was the local school Christmas fair and there l have been for 3 1/2hrs painting the little angels faces. If l see another reindeer today l will explode and my back is killing me. l wouldn't mind but l only do it for fun l'm not professional but children and parents still think we can magic the incredibles out of thin air. This year we had 3 of us doing, it as in the summer 2 wasn't enough, and people were complaining about the queues.

l'm off for some mulled wine now and a mince pie- l'm starting early with the festive spirit.

Ho Ho Ho

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas with Cath

Look what arrived in the post - Cath Kidstons Christmas gift guide. It is full of ideas that friends and relatives can buy you for Christmas if only they could see a copy. My plan is to leave it out from now until Christmas for them to buy those last minute presents!!! l'll need to drops lots of hints as well and some of them still won't know what to get me. In with the gift guide are some Christmas stickers which are too nice to use but if l don't they will disappear into the land that is Julies craft room. Julie x

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Holidays are coming ......

The rumour in my house is that the coke cola add has been seen, so as far as Em is concerned Christmas is on its way. This is one of the reasons l have changed my blog background to a Christmas theme and l hope this will spur me get on with my orders!!!!!

l have just been round our local charity shops and have found only 2 wool jumpers which can now be felted and made into? Well that's the problem my inspiration is fading. l have made the following brooches the one on the left is made for my DH Christmas jumper last year which l managed to part felt on the 3rd wash, so l do have some ideas but it depends on how big the felt becomes. It now going round at 90 while the family is out, what they don't know about won't kill them except when the electricity bill comes in.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Yummy Cakes

As most of you may have read l'm supposed to be on weight watchers - more like food watching and not weighing is how its going at the moment. So l thought l would share these yummy cupcakes before they go off to there new homes.These are the type of cakes l should be handling.
Couldn't you just eat them all up. Some will be having sequin sprinkles on and ribbon to hang up with.
l just love muted colours and these are my cup of tea - l want to keep them all!!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Back with a Vengance

Schools back today and its the run down to the C word here at ShabbyChic.

These are todays work Door Stops in Orla Kiely fabric- which is like hens teeth to find and when you do its top price but ha ho(Christmas reference).If anyone know where to buy it at a reasonable price then pleeeeeese let me know.
Then in the back ground l have some pin cushion jars on the go.
l think my crafting mojo is back - the fabrics help as they inspire me to sew.
In between all this sewing l'm tiling the kitchen floor so my back is killing me from bending over and knees hurt too.
Next stop the kitchen for a coffee and then into the craft room music on courtesy of Russ Winstanley - Northern Soul and l'm in heaven.
Keep the Faith (Northern Soul Ref)