Monday, 31 August 2009

tres cafés con leche por favor

Yes l'm back to a very wet Manchester just when l'm trying to wash the holiday clothes !

The title of my post is about the only Spanish l have managed to use this holiday but it has been well used.(3 cafe lattes please) It was during these coffees that we were able to escape the children for 1/2 hr.

It was actually too warm for me 38-40C and when sat on the beach l felt like as was being cooked like a well greased turkey. Can anyone tell me how the Spanish manage to sit on the beach and not have a grain of sand on their bodies? and be perfectly turned out at all times?
This is a short post but l'm raring to craft so watch this space for some new item - bad news is Em and her friends somehow manged to break the new camera so although l have downloaded the hol pics l don't have a camera at the moment : ( , l'm off to search for the old one now .

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

What day is it?

What day is it and where am l seem to sum up the last few days, l don't know about you but these holidays are just flying by before l know it my first craft fair will be here and gone.

Another book landed at my feet over the weekend . It again is full off stunning goodies to make- but would l want to sell?

Heres a quick glance at my blanket so far - maybe the colours are not to ever ones taste but l'm pleased with it so far. My only grip is the price of wool, gone are the days of cheap wool l think all this crafting and make your own is pushing craft supplies prices up. Thats my gripe today done now

Friday, 7 August 2009


Well l was inspired - l did adapt the pattern to make it mine but l think its turned out pretty well - off to make some more to sell

Books to Inspire

Yes they have arrived, actually posty had left one of them next to the shed last week when we were away but didn't leave a note so it could have stayed there for month, my new books are fab and full of things to reignite the crafter in me. l'm hoping that these books will more my crafts up a level if that makes sense. One of the books has even got me thinking about Christmas crafts.......

l will be attempting so of the things in the books so watch my blog for success or not.

Also this felt has arrived along with the pastel coloured button in all shapes and sizes. The colours of the felt are so yummy and are destined for hair slides- something else l thought l'd try!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Divine Dotees

I thought l would share these Dotees with you.
All these have been sent to me as swaps from my SWAP BOT partners.
from right - left they are Pretty in Pink Dotee, Baby Dotee, Flapper Dotee and Dance Hall Dotee.
People are so talented and l just love the work and love that has gone into them.
My crafting has been quiet today as much of my time was spent wrapping items to send out which is the part l hate most-l like selling but not wrapping.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Cup Cake fever

l should be painting hearts - they are drying - but couldn't resist showing you another one of my new items.

This is a prototype for some brooches l'm going to make. What do you think?

Before l went away l got some embroidery cotton for the sewing machine(yummy colours) so thought l could use these and some cupcake fabric that wasn't doing anything and this is the result.

l have just finished these 3 so am listing them on Esty to see how they go/or not

l'm back !!!!

Oh yes l'm back from Cornwall - even though the weather wasn't cracking the flags a good time was had by all. We managed a visit to the Cath Kidston shop in St Ives, it was that small l nearly missed it - l refrained from buying as l couldn't decide what l wanted which isn't like me but to be fair the selection was tiny.

l've decided that next year l am going to enrol in surf school, l heard on the radio that a man of 72 had been on a board but as OH said it didn't say he was in the sea just on a board.

My only purchase is this picture which reminds me of us in our van - l purchased another last year- another collection is forming.

Well l'm off to paint some hearts now and l'll be seeing them in my sleep at this rate.
Will photo my blanket later, its coming on albeit a little slow.