Thursday, 11 April 2013

Slim and Win

Its back to blogging for me - hope l have some followers left - so l thought l would share with you my slimming quest.
I've moved from weight watchers to slimming world and had lost a total of 2 stone : l say had as at last nights weigh in l'd put 6.5lbs on. so today saw me focused and back on track. l'm going to share my ups and downs and before and after pics and any food l find l love.
tonights piccy is off my secret craving

they are 6 syns for 3 and l can eat a whole pack in one day.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Clean, Clean, Clean

I am writing this in between washing walls, paintwork, dusting and washing and why because l woke up this morning with an itch l needed to scratch. l had looked round during the week and seen how over just a few weeks things had slipped. l have even washed the bathroom ceiling - but no one will notice when they get in they just expect it to be done the only chance l have of them noticing is if l throw something important out like the receipt that been sat there for 2 weeks and now has its own personal dust layer or if l move the furniture and they fall on there bums when sitting down or miss the bed and hit the floor.

l believe we should all have a break at some point so during one of my breaks l have bought this
l am going to use it to display the corsages l have at the a couple of upcoming craft fairs l am to do.
l'm going now as posting this piccy has reminded me l still need to paint some letters this afternoon.

Have a good weekend.

Friday, 7 September 2012

and l'm back in the room

Yes alls back to normal after a quite a break but life just got very hectic for a while but as with all bloggers the written word beckoned.

So my return contribution is to shout out about my purchased at UNIGLO they launched their next collection of my fav designer Orla Kiely and l managed to snap up some tunic's, tee and my staple item a few stoles. here's a clip

and these are some of the ones l treated myself to l cannot show you them all as DH will be looking.
Pop along and have a look you might pick a designer piece at a high street price.

Back soon Julie

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Not in the Mood

l know its been  a couple of weeks since my last post but as my title says 'Not in the Mood' they weather is just sapping all my energy and things like housework are building up. On the plus side l have managed to list some cake stands and tea cup candles on my Etsy site but on the down l cannot stop buying tea sets so l am surrounded by boxes which l am running out of space to hide.
 You may wonder why l'm moving into tea and coffee sets well .....I've signed up to do the Macmillan Coffee Morning on the 28th September 2012 and wanted to do a Vintage Coffee Morning.
lve never done one before so it will be an experience l'm sure so l will keep you updated - any one else done one?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Glue Heaven

As l bogged a few weeks ago l wanted to have ago at using 'Mod Podge' well l have been.

Firstly when l looked at all the different types on sale l became a bit over awed and worried as to which on was right for my needs. l opted to try the Matte variety.

l am so impressed with it people have reviewed it as PVA watered down but l didn't feel this, in my opinion its a crafters dream.

l have started my dream by using it to cover a couple of note books and a diary in fabric. Here they are in various stages of 'make' the brown fabric is a 70's pillow case and as you will recognise the other is Cath Kidston fabric.

l actually coated the fabric on top and then sanded it back to a smooth finish which makes them more durable.
It is time consuming but l had 3 on the go at the same time to try and increase my production.
These will be joining me at my next fair unless l get too attached.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Unloved and Unused

We all seem to be in possession of mismatched vintage crockery we either inherited or bought because we liked the pattern and l'm no different- always looking  for that valuable piece to take to the Antiques Road Show - as with most people this is still to happen(l wish) So l have a stash, like my fabric of crockery never used just gathering dust and then l discovered the Vintage Tea which embraces everything shabby chic and the more miss matched the better and with that the home made 'Cake Stand'.

As always l thought l can do that and cheaper- l hate to pay when l think l can do something so l have and here they are l now have more stand that cakes! l will be listing more in my Etsy shop when l gather my plates together so if you are having a tea party and your short of a stand you know where to go.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Have your Cake and Eat it

l've away to indulge in something else l enjoy, l have joined the  where people Bake, eat and talk about Cake. Gather in secret locations, meet new people. it’s all about CAKE. Just my thing and l get to take a friend.

l am led to believe that people do similar things in secret locations and have pop up vintage teas where have these people been all my life and just when l have decided to join Slimming World and ditch Weight Watchers for a bit.

l would like to also share the beautiful pincushion l received as part of the swap organised by from humbugbuttonbeetle

and these were the items l sent to Lucy

A mason jar pin cushion and a 'bits and bobs' jar.