Thursday, 24 September 2009

Its Official

Yes Christmas is coming - l decided that as the Craft fair l'm doing has advertised as "buy your Christmas presents" then l'd better do some Christmasy things so l've started with some tags for either 'posh presents' or 'tree decorations' they needed ribbons yet but at least its a start.

I've also made these corsages which l have shown a few friends and they think they will sell ok but who knows - everyone will be getting one for Christmas if they don't sell but what will my Dad do with one?

l'll try and show you some of the things l'm doing over the next few days but at the moment its chaos. l hate mass production whenl craft as l get fed up of making the same thing.
Julie x

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday Night

Its been a funny day fitting in painting hearts and running round with the hover.The confirmation dropped on my mat for the craft fair in Oct and as it dropped on the mat the penny dropped that l don't have any and l mean any stock.
It is 3 weeks tomorrow so l will need to burn the midnight oil the next few weeks.
The craft fair is in Salford Museum in Manchester which is about 15mins from me.
Anyway in preparation of this l have been look at ways to personalise some items and have found this article which l wanted to share.


Published by Karyn

I’ve been toying with the idea of having labels made for years, but haven’t gotten around to doing it. Adding a personal label to some of my holiday gifts was something that I thought of in the last days before Christmas. There was no time to order printable fabric sheets (that I now plan on ordering for the shop) or even iron-on transfer paper.
I pulled out my beloved Underwood Portable typewriter and some large scraps of cotton muslin and typed right onto the fabric! If I had planned more carefully, I could have done sweet individual messages to each gift recipient. Alas, this year it will be the same heartfelt message to all.
In order to feed the muslin fabric into the typewriter, I folded it around a piece of copy paper. Ironing freezer paper onto the back of the fabric would have been another way to accomplish making the fabric stiffer, but I didn’t have any at home that night. Once the fabric is fed into the roller, then you just type away! I really love the feeling of typing on a typewriter and especially the ‘clacking’ sound.
To heat set the ink on labels, I ironed them for a few minutes. The labels went on items that are never going to be washed, but I still wanted to do my best to make them as permanent as possible. I had some leftover labels that I threw in the wash out of curiosity. The ink faded slightly from the washing, but is still visible. The idea that the label may fade over time, is actually appealing to me.
Sewing the labels was simple, I used a small zigzag stitch around the outside edge of the label to secure it in place. I really adore them! I’ve decided to add a label or message to as many of my makings as possible from now on. Tiny details can add so much delight to a handmade item.

l just thought this was a effective and simple way to add a nice personnel touch what do you think?

Thursday, 17 September 2009

It was a Late Night

Last night was a late night for all the wrong reasons, no l wasn't doing orders or watching a film, or having a meal l was helping my 15y DD do her Food Tech course work!!!! Why she thinks that a little work will help her pass l don't know and at the moment this lack of work is causing the most stress to me and DH she is oblivious to it. This combined with my DH starting on the kitchen redesign in the middle of trying to do orders, clean up and work is tooooooooo much.
And another thing l missed yesterday was the 1st Birthday to celebrate Cath Kidston at the Trafford Centre and they were having cakes - yes cakes and a bag give away. Who had to work ?yep me

So l have decided that l'm going to treat myself -hah- to a new Cath Kidston bag so watch out DH because he will be paying.
Feel much better now for a quick rant and may even tidy up in the craft room which by the way will be moving to our summer house so l can leave out my orders and bits and bobs without causing any more mess indoors. Well thats the idea but Winter is coming and l don't do cold!!! Speak to all soon.
Love Julie x

Monday, 14 September 2009

Its been a quick week

l cannot believe that it has been over a week since my last post, l'm so sorry but l have been busy. l have been approached by another shop to stock my items but as with every thing the orders have been coming quicker than l can make the items. My days have been filled with hearts, corsages,key rings and scottie dogs. Anyway l've finished them all and they will be duly packaged up in the morning after a little quality check for those loose threads.

We did manage to get away at weekend to VANFEST which is a must for any VW enthusiasts.
The weather was fantastic all day but the evenings were a little cold - winter is on its way.

Still no camera so pictures we have none Sorry.

Love Julie

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Still no camera so its back to old faithful hence the rather poor picture.
l have been inspired by both my holiday in Cornwall and the new books l have already raved about and come up with the Beach Hut pictured below. The first of these will be on their way to a new shop opening in Devon along with a few other goodies.
Over the last few months l have been very lucky to have been approached by a number of shops with a view to supplying them and it has given me quite a boost.
These outlets for my crafts also mean l can create things that normally l wouldn't try and l gain feedback positive and negative.

l would love to open a shop myself but then l wouldn't have time to craft which is what l love so at the moment l feel l have the best of both worlds - a few sales and crafting.

Well back to work as orders don't get done whilst blogging.
Hope you all are having a good day and the kids are back at school tomorrow so more me time.

Julie x