Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Yes the deed was done and it was as l had feared and l know know why nothing fits any more.
Onwards and upwards as the saying goes.
On another note l have decided to sell a little of my fabric stash as it seems to have taken on a life of its own and is bursting out of the craft room currently. It is also a reminder of how much money l have spent and not put the fabric to any use. lf your like me everything was bought with a project in mind but time got the better of me.

Sometimes l feel like this when l cut into my fabric and then l start to keep the off cuts- what for?........ Some of the pieces are so small they are smaller than scraps.

Monday, 12 July 2010


l have been lazy on both the crafting and blogging front for rather more weeks than l care to remember but l will try to make the effort with both plus the very embarrassing situation of my weight.
l know most of us struggle but l have peaked at my heavest weight bar being pregnant and my skin looks like a teenager. l have bought some over 40's vitamins and a Liz Earle skin care package. so instead of this

l am aiming at this ,
l am not going to waste my money at the moment on weight watchers as they
all ready have had enough. l will weigh myself tonight(this will be a secret)
and l will give you the losses or gains for the next few years!!!!!

Why not join me we can keep our weight secret and deal with the highs and lows together.
Well l'm off to do the deed and will be back soon. xxx