Thursday, 7 July 2011

Phew l'm back

Where has the time gone its been a month since my last confession/post but l have been busy l have made 3 granny square bags and sold one which was great for the old ego l will post a piccy soon.

l have also just done my first Vintage and Craft fair selling my new obsession Granny Blankets these are just a few of the ones l have. My only trouble is l love them all and don't want to sell them.
l have also just received my 'Molly Makes' and yet again the features are so inspiring if you haven't sen a copy have a flick through at the news stand and you'll be hooked- everyone l tell about it is surprised when they see a copy as to how good it is.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A few thoughts for the Day

My dottie angel books arrived in in with them was a postcard with a few "do's" on it so l thought l would share them with you as they made me smile.

  • do have high hope

  • do follow the righteous and goodly path of thriftiness

  • do think you are the most peachy perfect

  • do feel a little crafty twice a day

  • do wear your slip peeking out from below your skirt

  • do embrace all that is granny chic and give it a forever home.
l have also open another etsy store for my 'granny' blankets and thrifty fines so if you get time please pop along and have a look. It is
Then l found these pictures of some lovely blankets and thought l would share these as well.

Monday, 6 June 2011

l'm in with the trends?

Its not like me to be on trend but l am(l think). Well over the last few weeks l have been moving in the 'Granny Blanket' trend and have managed to source quite a few with the intention of keeping some for the festivals and then selling some of the others, well the new issue of Molly makes has just popped on my mat and inside it has a super feature on crocheting and features a fab 'granny blanket. They seem to be making a revival.

And l have got to share these cute little kits that have just arrived from 'pupurin' they are for a teddy,kitty,puppy and bunny. l could not resist them who knows how l found them thats the mystery of esty. Anyway please have a look at their store well worth a few pounsds

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Yarn

l have embarked on another fad and am going to make my crocheting into another arm of my crafting - Don't tell Pete and supposed to be scaling crafting down not starting another branch. l have decided to attend a craft 'yarn' fair at the end of Nov so need to get on.

But as with everything l got a bit distracted with this blog:

This is a picture of a bag she has made wow.

and then this blog led me to Dottie Angel - which had been featured in Mollie Makes and her Etsy store where l could not resist these little books which have stitched words 'Let me begin' and 'the end' l cannot wait to start my own little notes

Friday, 27 May 2011

Rag Doll Kits

l have found some really useful fabric by Patty Young called 'Play Date' The fabric can be made up into rag dolls- see the pics

I am going to put together some kits using one doll template and put everything needed to finish it in a cloth bag, a pattern for the dress and a piece of fabric will also be part of the kit. What do you think?

If anyone would like one l will be selling them for £7.99/kit just let me know or visit my esty shop

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Mollie Makes

l just had to share this new magazine with you - l saw a reference to it on another blog which also mentioned another magazine giving out a free CK tote bag so whilst looking for that l saw the Mollie Makes magazine. Thought l'd give it ago as the CK bag looked rubbish and now l've cancelled Gardners World and subscribed to Mollie Makes. even the cover inspires me l love the way its laid out and the pictures are lovely- just my cup of tea.
Have any of you had a look?

Saturday, 7 May 2011


These are a little taste as to what l have been up to the last few weeks - they are brooches, the sailing boats have little seagull buttons to finish them and the mushrooms have bead embellishments. l love them as do all the children.

Since the Royal Wedding and all the bank holidays l have found it difficult to get back in the swing of things l have lost track of the days l cannot wait until next week to have a 'normal week'

The other thing that has been going on is l have had the drive paved l am so pleased with it but will need to get to grips with the border now. l feel as though the 2 lads doing the drive have become part of the family they have been here so long and the amount of coffee, milk and sugar we have gone through as doubled my shopping budget LOL. Today is the last day fingers crossed the weather holds out- then l can clean up, the dust is in everything.

Heres a piccy from the front door.

And talking about the front door my new one is ordered and should be with us sometime next week.

If the rain holds off today l may have a few hours in the garden and just put the finishing touches to the borders so it has the wow factor when everyone comes for the 'look'

Have a good weekend xxxx

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wedding Wednesday

I've succumb to peer and press pressure and have got a little excited for the royal wedding. l had vowed not to and that its just another day off but more and more people are organising events and l'm getting sucked in.

l've found this knitting kit for the wedding if only l could knit- l need a knitting Granny.You can buy the pattern here if your interested but you will need to be a quick knitter to finish before Friday.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Button it up.

I thought that l would try something 'easy' for a Bank Holiday craft so here it is - A Heart made of Buttons - this one will be called 'Together Forever' l used some of my button stash both vintage and new along with a new box frame 30cm x 35cm so quite large.Looking about similar pictures are about £65.00 so l think these may sell at £25.99 l will be listing this one one Esty in a few minutes just to test the water. Its sink or swim with these.

l have just come back from my second cream tea of the Bank Holiday so next week l will be on gruel and water if l want to lose weight but heres a picture of a cream tea to keep you all going

Sunday, 24 April 2011

There was a Mouse Where?

l've made the first woodland creature from the book and its a .......Mouse. l managed to find a piece of jumper l had used to make corsages and there was just enough for a small mouse. It needs a little refining as you always learn from your first one. l have felted the jumper for the next project and will hopefully be posting a pictures of a badger next.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Where is it???

l bought this jumper all excited ready to do felting and its still not arrived. l watched the postman with baited breath and he just shook his head and said those sad word's 'no post today' :(

l even went car booting on Sunday to try and find a suitable jumper but to no avail all my hopes are pinned on the jumper that should have been.

l've genned up on what to do and l've got the pattern and machine at the ready.

Lets see what tomorrow brings(that a song if l ever heard one)

Thrifty tips of the week:

  • Freeze your candles. Put your candles in the freezer for an hour before lighting as cold candles last longer and don't drip.

  • Join a site such as Groupon or KGB deals these all offer discounted treats for yourself or family - l can recommend Groupon as have used a few times



Thursday, 14 April 2011

It arrived

l could not be more excited to receive the new book and it came yesterday.
The whole family has had alook at it and l now have requests for the badger and a mouse.
With this in mind l tried to felt a jumper from the charity shop- this is a whole new story as it was like hens teeth trying to find a woolly jumper to felt. l went to our 5 local charity shops and came back with 1 to make anything out off. So l started my felting of the precious as it had become jumper and what happened to it? It collapsed full of holes and then just disintegrated into nothing.
So that me scuppered for a few days making any softies.
On the plus side its 15% of at Cath Kidston today so that where l'm off for a friends birthday present.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Spring has sprung a leak

Well what a change to the weather it now out with the wellies and up with the umberellas today, l'm dressed for summer and will now need to go and find some long pants and socks!!!

l have just bought this book from the hands of a fellow blogger her website is and she makes some stunning items some of which l hope to have a go at.

l know what your going to say not much saving here but as the saying goes 'you have to speculate to accumulate'

This weeks thrify tips are for when buying in Charity Shops or at Car Boots.

1. Always have a plan-Know what you are looking for before you go in as you may end up with something you don't need.

2. Be open minded - things can be altered 4,or maybe passed onto friends and family.

3. Look for quality brands - these always keep and look better.

4. Go often as stock changes

5. Take cash to make you stop and think before buying.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Sunny again

Who would think l was up early on my day off and have actually got 5 alice bands in some stage of construction certainly not Pete whoc thinks l spend these days in bed. l have even had the dog out and had breakfast- phew l need a lie down.

The colours are more vivid than the photo, with the intention that the button should pull together all the colours of the felt and band. l think they work but as with everything it is personal taste

This spate of sunshine makes me want to clean and tidy especially when it shows up all the dust. We are more dusty than normal as they just finished resurfacing both the pavement and road surfaces in our road. So cleaning is the order of the day with all the windows open to let fresh air in which puts a smile on my face.

Another job l may try to address over the next few days is to open a Folksy Shop and a Facebook page which seems to be the way togo to get your products to the masses. Does anyone have any tip on doing either of these?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

To Warm the Heart

l had already bought this felt before my cost cutting drive and l thought l would share the colours with you - they are actually brighter in real life. They will now be turned into brooches and hair slides at some point today! Sometimes things just get those creative jucies going and this pile of felt is one of them. As l have been tidying the craft room l have came accross things l had forgot about waiting to be turned into something crafty. A box of handwarmers waiting for covers, 6 hotwater bottles again waiting for covers, mothers day ribbon which l will have to keep until next year now, covered button and fabric l had long forgotten about to give a couple of examples. l am going to put together patchwork packs with some of the fabric l have come accross one way to raise some money and reduce the fabric before l'm found under a pile that has toppled over one day.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yankee Doodle Dandy

I have made what can only be termed a brave start to my craft room but thought l would share one of my thrifty ideas - l love Yankee Candles from the smell to the shape of the jars. So when they were finished l was loathed to throw them away so now l use them to keep my beads, buttons etc they look lovely and very organised. On the negative side it also shows me how much money l have spent on candles !!!!(these a just a small sample of ones l've saved Anyone else watching the TV programme on spend thrifts? l could do better than them so l may start a weekly thrift tip. This weeks is therefore using candle jars for storage, and as a bonus tip l only buy my candles when they are the months special offer when they are discounted by 20% - saving me £4.00 on a large one. Julie xxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day 2 of money making

l have just finished these sandwich bags they have turned out quite well so will be on their way to 'gifted' along with some hair slides and alice bands yet to be finished.

They say your work station reflects the type of person you are well the following picture is not for the faint hearted and is my craft room this morning What does it say about me?
l would say its is saying lots of ideas but not enough time(l will be making a start on it this morning.)
You may just make out my Dotte doll collection which l need to revisit my swapping has gone to pot as well as the crafting.

The door fund will be swelled this afternoon as am doing some extra work hours yeah!

Hope you are all having a good morning

Julie xx

Monday, 4 April 2011

New Front Door Fund

?You may think what a funny title for a post but this is the start of save till you can save no more for a new front door - catchy isn't it.

The crux of the problem is l have seen a new front door - note the I, and it is going to cost over £1000 DH can see no benefit in changing our existing front door as there is nothing wrong with it - mens logic. So he has said if l want one l have to save up!!!!!.

This mornings job is to collect all the neglected change from round the house and put into respective tins, l have a copper tin, a silver tin and a pound a day tin. The pound a day tin is for Christmas. Then at some point in the next few months l will need to count said change, this bit l hate.

l have also decided to up the craft out put and sell sell sell which l will put into the door fund.

Wish me luck.

We have also had a little addition to the Utratny household- Emilys first car - its a 1967 beetle and is what is known as 'Rat Look' she has just started lessons and this was her Birthday present.

The next time you see her she will have 'Fodder' on the top and rope round the bumper this should complete the look.

Need to get on looking for change be back soon


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring Clean

l have neglected my Blog for phew 6 months where has the time gone- this the classic line of all neglected blogs l think.
l have been crafting during this time but also working which leaves very little me time. l have decided l will make me time and blog about it !
Today sees a beautiful spring day in Flixton so l think this has got my creative juices flowing. l have spread out all my Cath Kidston make books and am looking for Easter ideas.
Well now l've started l've got to stop as l need to pack up a drink and treats for a trip to our local gardens with the children.
See you tomorrow.