Thursday, 30 April 2009

l'm Hooked

This ATC lark is very addictive l've finished my first one and have spent loads on things to make my second if my first goes down with the craft forum. l actually managed to stab myself with the kitchen knife after trying to use it as make shift saw - as we all do. l wonder if my tetanus is up to date?

This is a picture of one that another forum member has made - stunning isn't l'll post a picture of mine when it has been sent so as not to spoil the surprise for my recipient!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

What have l signed up for?

l must be mad l have just put myself down on the craft forum to do an ATC why? l get so carried away with myself these thing sound like a good idea but is this one l can do? l will try as all the world loves a tryer and when all said and done l'm one of them.l found this picture of what to do with the ATC's and the different types

Today has been a no make date up to now l don't seem to be in the mood today we all have off days - l may venture in the craft room and see if l'm inspired but not before l've washed up and had a WW yogurt. l must just let off stream about my shopping ,which l have delivered, on two counts 1. i book the slot for 5.00pm-7.00pm what time has he tried to delivery it the last 3 week -4.30pm. 2. Why are all the use by dates tomorrow ?3. why haven't they applied the multi buy discounts? Its been like this the last few weeks and l'm fed up and l hate shopping.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No Pressure Then

Someone on the Craft Forum came up with a fad idea re following each others blogs so now l have today 9 followers so welcome to you all and thank you. This now gives the added pressure of actually writing something regularly with no spelling mistakes which if you have read my previous posts may be a problem. Also the quality of my pictures with need a little work but hayho we're in it for the long slog.

This is a picture of this mornings make- it a corsage made from vintage Laura Ashley Fabric,it looks better in the flesh.
Regarding the weight lose it was another 1lb this week and they made me go to Keep Fit after the WW class - my friend Anne-Marie saw the class advertised in the Chip shop when she was buying Fridays tea(What does that tell you diet-chips don't go together)so off we trotted well l can just about walk this morning me and exercise don't go.
Anyway l'm off for my salad lunch and water - it sounds so appetising doesn't it.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday Esty Day

l've decided to try and run an Esty shop at the same time as selling my crafts on Ebay. l opened one last year in a rush of madness and didn't really do anthing with it. l had called it BrokenHearted but my Ebay Store is ShabbyChic08 and my labels say ShabbyChic so l had to change my Esty intro to this :
Brokenhearted's Shop Announcement
Welcome to my new Etsy store ShabbyChic. All my items are hand crafted by myself in a little work room in Manchester.l use mainly Laura Ashley,Cath Kidson, Heather Ross Fabrics for my items but am always on the look out for that something special l can bring to you.l have been hand crafting items for a number of years for myself and have decided branched out into selling them.l open this shop last year but didn't do much with it, have decided to revisit it and see how it goes.

l'll keep you post in its failure or success

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Night

where has the day gone? My DD has mock GCSE's this week so she has spent today revising ready for tomorrow, she has done revision but it seems to much pressure at 15. I've just been to my friends Suzannes who is meant to be losing weight as well but has lost the plot, the major discussion seems to be around me shrinking in height not weight. l do seem to be getting smaller as l now have to buy short length pants when before l was a regular length so whats all that about? Then the other topic was about the noise that tadpoles make at night!!!!!!!!!! l need to make new friends.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturdays Lie In or Not

all week Mr Postie has been getting here at 3 in the afternoon and what time do you think he came today yes youv'e guessed it 7.30. so much for a lie in, he's used to me looking like Cherie Blair on election day so at least l didn'y scare him off. With this early wake up call l managed to get the washing out, do breakfast and then watch Quincy- love Quincy and Columbo - and then to my joy Columbo was on but l'm sure l'd seen it before. Family have just gone of to the football so l'll have a little me time this afternoon trouble is l've so much to do l don't know which job to do first. Anyway l'm off for a cup of coffee so will post tomorrow. x

Friday, 24 April 2009


l love Fridays but they are a little empty these days as the gardening group l used to attend lost its funding so it disbanded- we did try to meet up but as with all groups it needed someone to take up the batton(spade)and run it. Well the average age must have been 67 with me being the youngest and most of us attended other activites so really didn't have the time, it was sad really but after 7 years l think we had exhaused every funding option we could.
so this afternoon l'm off to paint some letters, i'll show you tomorrow if they look ok.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Little Walk

Well at the moment me and my friend Anne-Marie are trying to loose weight(as always) for our joint family holiday along with another family. We do try to support each other but we really hate it if one of us loses more weight than the other. Hence my new obsession with walking everywhere and drinking that much water l need a comfort break every 10mins. Today l decided to take the camera when l took the dog out just to break up my walk, the only pictures l managed to take are 1. Two very far off geese 2. The dog looking for food in the bushes. Other than that the other people out and about thought l was from the council checking on picking up dog poo.
My parcel was just what l had been waiting for the first of my new tags for my crafts, l have decided l need to step up the final presentaion of the items with a tag for my name and address. These were even better than expected so l will be buying more. The others should be here in a day or two so will show you them than.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

where's the week going.

l cannot believe that its Wednesday already and this is my forst time to post- l know now why l was rubbish at keeping a diary - l will try harder to post but the days are just passing so quickly.

Anyway this week l have decided to use up all my craft bits before l buy any more. l see so many things that l like and must have, the 'it will come in later' phrase springs to mind, and using paypal isn't like spending real money is it? Well things have been arriving from all over this week and l've even got a parcel to pick up yipee, but when will l have time to make?

This week l have managed to make a couple of things and have decided to start selling on Esty again. These are a couple of things l have listed. Both this brooches
are made from Heather Ross Fabric which l love.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Rain,Rain go away

l had planned for a day in the garden but as my title says 'Its raining' l've even put the heating on, that the trouble when your sat down blogging it gets cold.(don't tell Pete he thinks l put on an extra jumper) l've manage to finish a small corsage this morning but that about it so far.

Posty just knocked with my daughters UGG boot which went for repair!!!! and my Cath Kidston fabric which l can start on this afternoon.It a girls night out tonight which l always dread as the 'what to wear 'cry will be uttered by me later. l wondered if it was fancy dress as its a 70's night but no - l only wondered that as my current clothes could pass for a 70's revival.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Why ?

As l was clearing out the craft room yesterday l came across a pattern l had made for a Victorian boot hanger that l used early last year. These were quite sucessful with my customers so why did l stop making them? So l decided to revive them for the next few months and test the market. l have a tendency to do that - moving from one project to another and forgetting about thing that l had tried and been sucessful with, l only remember those that didn't do quite as well and are still langishing in a box at t he back of the wardrobe.(you never know they migh see the light of day sometime)

So heres a picture of said boot

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tidy up the craft room is todays task !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
l'm sat in my craft room surounded by fabric, ribbon,hearts etc and its getting me down. l seem to have about 5" of workspace round me. l'm sure most people get to this stage once in a while so todays me day - thats the intention l will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesdays Makes

l've only just got chance to add todays 'makes' as my daughter is still on school hols and my crafting time has been limited today but here goes.
The 3 hearts are made using Laura Ashley Vntage fabric, from my ever growing stack of fabric, and the Flower Corsage which has been crocheted from mohair and finished with a Laura Ashley Button.

A look at my Inspiration

The following books have been my inspiration for my craft projects todate every time l read them(look at the pictures) l get itchy fingers and ideas start to whirl around my head. as with most crafters l have more ideas than time and have no sooner picked up on skill then l'm off in search of the next. Hence l'm not an expert at anything l tend to graze through crafts.

The other major influence this year is this book
Much to the disgust of my family this year we are tightening our belts and making an effort to save - at the current time this is falling soley at my feet and with the help of 'Martin' l have a sealed tin on the go and look for offers all the time.
You will hear alot about 'Martin' over the next 12 months he has been my saviour.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Lets Start Then

Well this post will tell you a little about me other than anything that l may put in my profile. l have always 'made' things even from an early age but the last year or two have seen me want to move into crafting as such and maybe sell some of my items. My inspirations are Cath Kidston , Laura Ashley and Vintage Fabric. I currently sell my items through ebay but this year will see me attempting a craft fair or two.
l love to read other peoples blogs to see what they get up to. l was inspired to st up my own blog after reading about a crafter on the craft forum who had just set up her own. My daughter is horrified as see doesn't want me popping up on face book as it may cramp her style. l have just told my husband about my blog idea and all he could say was you need to write everyday and who would want to hear about your ramblings. So who knows it may just me me reading about me for the next few years but then again if you are reading this then it will be you and me for now.

Welcome to My Blog

This is hopefully my first of many ramblings about me, my crafts and the future - sounds very deep but my blog will not be anything like that.