Friday, 24 July 2009

Happy Hols

l've just finished the last of my orders before l go away and its now off to do a bit of packing.
We're of to Cornwall for a week.
The wool l ordered arrived yesterday so l'm taking it with me to start on my blanket - Pete just pulled a face as another hobby arrived, just wait till winter when l'm all wrapped up who will be jealous then ?
l'm not planning to blog or create while l'm away but l'm sure l will buy some stuff for when l return. Fingers crossed for a bit of sun and lots of rest.
Julie x

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

l'm Hooked

l've been toying with the idea of crocheting a blanket - inspired by some of the fabulous creations over on and some others so l have sent off for some wool. Hopefully it will arrive before weekend then l can take it on holiday something to do when the weather is bad.

This is one that Lucy has done and it looks so cuddly l can see myself on the cold winter nights wrapped up watch TV - lets see what happens.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Mondays Treasures

These buttons have just arrived to brighten up a very dull Monday in Manchester.

Will let you know when l have decided what to do with them.

And just to make you smile a picture of my daughters new shoes - oh to be young again

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Going Out

No one tells you when you start work with people that they have 'Nights Out' and for many years l have avoided functions like this, but last night l decided to venture into the Friday end of term night out.

The nightmare starts with what to wear- it rained all day so choice one linen pants and summer top were out and on went the jeans that are still a little tight. This same pants have been worn by me pre weight loss so l must have looked a real sight then.

Next is how to get there - l drove so no drinking so l was a real bore

Then the drinks kitty - these annoy me not drinking as l like to get my moneys worth at all times and me on coke was not in my eyes my moneys worth!

And then the food being a diet bore as well as a drink bore l only chose so called healthy options.

finally what to talk about l have nothing in common with these people bar working with them.

All in all a pleasant night was had !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL not to be repeated in the near future.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Thought l would share these buttons with you - they are too cute for words and the perfect match to some fabric l already had. l have used them to put the finishing touch to my brooches- see what you think with any luck l will make a few this evening.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cath Kidston Store Found

l must go round with my eyes closed when l shop but not today l have found my ultimate shop/franshise right on my door step.

Yes l shout for all you crafters with a love of Cath Kidston - a Cath Kidston section in Selfridiges at the Trafford Centre(open since Sept) :( . l could just pass through and um and ah at the goodies on offer oh no l had to strike up a conversation with the manager. Firstly about this new book, l have preordered from Amazon(l am that person)and then we talked about crafting in general and how John Lewis run craft sessions sewing and crocheting. She seemed very interested and l did resist putting myself forward for running them. My suggestion is when the book is launched in Oct they should run a sewing group so that people can make the bag as shown in the book - she will probably get a pay rise for this idea now but it was mine.

Anyway l now have a new best friend- the Cath Kidston Manager.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Pin cushion overload

These are tonights offerings.

the finished item

Pin cushion hot of the press - worked out well.

Its Here

l have had to take a break for lunch so thought l would eat and post. so heres some pictures of the fabric that has just arrived- l was led to this fabric via another blogger but she managed to control her spending and only buy a little whilst l went mad a brought too much and got stung by customs for another £11.00. l cannot tell Pete as he thinks the fabric was a bargain !!!!

l am going to use some of them on the mason jar pincushions l think they will look the part along with some East of India tape measure ribbon.

The pictures do not do the fabric justice they are stunning.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Vans,Vans and more Vans

Yes we're back in one piece from Camper Jam and ready for a rest. This camping lark is very tiring and if l see another sausage or burger for the next few weeks l will scream. The girls had a great time especially on the Fri night with the band dedicating Killers songs to them!!!!!
So now its nose to the sewing machine as we will be off to Cornwall in a couple of weeks and l need finish of some new projects plus some curtains for the Eriba awning.
l also got Em's report from school and it seems that she is an expert at windsurfing - this is what she has told her teacher- she has never even been on a windsurfer. It will look good on her CV so she says LOL.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thursday 50's/60'sDay

It is our local schools 50th Anniversary this year and today was labelled a 'Play Ground Party' based on a 50's - 60's dress code.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This saw me having a bigger wardrobe malfunction than normal and l had to pour myself into pedal pushers that had been put out for the charity shop along with a pair of red shoes l cannot walk in. l was fine today as long as l didn't walk or eat. l had to take the shoes of on the way home and undo my pants-l'm too old for all this messing about.
Wished l'd looked like this piccy

Today also saw my first crafts supplied to Becky at she has sent me some pictures and l'm so pleased they look like someone else has made the items.

l'm off now to pack for CAMPER JAM this weekend we are taking Em and 4 teenagers with us. We must be mad but it seemed a good idea at the time LOL.

Fingers crossed for good weather. Have a good weekend. Julie x

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

So Hot and Bothered

We have just come back from late night shopping in Manchester and l'm so tired and hot and bothered and broke. l'll have to work double hard tomorrow to cover the - l really need that clothes cry. at least me and Em are the same shoe size so we can swap and l'm sure it will be Em pinching mine.

l received my cupcake fabric today it is so cute and l will be making key rings with it (at the moment)

As always my mind is full of ideas but l am running out of hrs. l have booked a craft fair later in the year so will need to get stuck in with puting needle to the fabric.