Sunday, 28 June 2009

Its Time

Yes its time for you to meet the BUS she doesn't have a name but she is a she. She has been part of the family for 4 years and we have never looked back or had any money since - there is always something she needs says OH.
We are also lucky enough to have a 1972 Eriba which we pull along- a VW road train. The next few weeks will see us at Camper Jam and then Cornwall for a week at Harlyn Sands near Padstow. This is a real camper van holiday and the we can look forward to good old VANFEST.
Roll on the Summer Hols.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Afternoon of Sun

l should have been working this afternoon but it has just been cancelled but l will still get paid so what more can you ask for.

So the garden is calling- for those who maybe wondering yes l did put my hand up for the gardening swap at the local group so l now need to plant and divide my babies(l look on my plants as part of the family)The first 2 pictures show a Delphinium that has the most stunning colour every year it grows and before it gets a chance the dog knocks it over but this year touch wood it seems ok.

here is a picture of some hosta's l have managed to do, June & Spilit Milk and a Heucara 'Caramel' . l though to finish of a picture of one of my hanging baskets would be nice.

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Barks Worse than the Bite

These Scottie Dogs were inspired by my neighbours dog Lucy and as my title says the barks worse than the bite. she will start barking at a paper bag rustling and l dread putting out my washing some days.
Anyway these are a new line of Small Pillows for either drawers or to just sit on the side as decoration. They are called 'Dotty' the Scottie and will be listed in over the next few days l hope
The weekend sees me joining my gardening group- we have decided to reform as a plant swap group(Why me) at our first plant swap meeting to outline our plans for our first plant swap to be help locally. l don't intend to be put for ward for any jobs but lets just see if l manage to keep my hand down(it will be a first)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

55 Days

55 days is how long l've got until were off on our hols to Spain with a few families so its save, save, save , make, make, make and work as many extra hours as l can ! Phew its a big task but someones got to do it. Everyone will be wanting new clothes, hair, makeup the list goes on.

Its a good job l enjoy crafting as l may become chained to the chair.

l have made some little pillows that are for putting in drawers or just on the side. l have part filled them with rose petals so they smell divine. l have called them Scottie the Dottie. l would have posted a picture but Em's got the camera again so will do it later.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Its all a Blur

The title tells you how my week has been- a Blur and its not down to drink. l don't seem to have much chance to make anything other than finish orders but hopefully the rest of the week will calm down. l did do a great swap with Kas from l am so pleased with the brooch and she was worried l wouldn't. OH has taken this picture so l apologise before l get any comments David Bailey he is not.

The other thing l have finished is this Dotee Doll which was for my American Partner(so no chance of it being seen before she gets it) The theme was Dance Hall Dotees from the old Westerns.

Also l stayed the same at WW which is a miracle with the amount l ate on Saturday-l had 2 teas barby and pizza it wasn't planned but l couldn't let anyone down so had to be in 2 places at once. Then to rub salt in the wounds my diet buddy lost 4lbs!!!!!! its not fair !!!!!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Pins 'N' Things

These are a couple of pictures of my next new items 'Pins 'N' Things these are pin cushions that unscrew so that you can keep needles, threads, buttons and ribbons in or anything really.
One of them is for a pin cushion swap l've signed up for l won't tell you which one as not to spoil the surprise. Getting hold of the jars was the hardest part but l managed to find some. l will be listing these in my Esty Shop asap.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Heather Ross - the bottom of my pile

Well l now know l've more fabric than sense. l was looking through my stash to find a novelty print for sending on a swap when l can across some Heather Ross fabric. l soooo love her fabric prints and the quality is second to none. so it came as a big surprise to find tucked at the bottom off a very large pile of fabrics to find quite alot that l had never even unfolded after buying.
l have chosen these 2 to send to my swap partner and l'm sure she will love them(If not she can always pass them on) and l have put the rest of them to the top of the pile just waiting for inspiration- they could be there some time as my inspiration is a bit drained at the moment.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

More Tea Vicar

l know l have already posted today but thought l would show you a new line l'm about to try out. This is a pin cushion made using a vintage tea cup & saucer, the fabric is vintage Laura Ashley - l have then embellished with beads,buttons and ribbon. What do you all think - are these a goer or not ?please let me know before l go into full production.

SwapBot Day

This is a picture of the Dotee l sent to my swap partner, the Theme was 'Polka Dotee'. l can post a picture now as my partner has received it. l'm due one on the same theme so will show and tell when it gets here.

l've got to get down to my swaps today and have a pin cushion to make, and another Dotee, after these l have another 5 to do- l love it when the posty gets here and it lands on the mat you never know what will turn up.

Just to keep up you upto date with the cossy l managed to change the shorts and now possess 2 Bikinis no shorts l just need to lose the stone l promised myself.

My diet buddy went to WW and put 8lbs on in 4 weeks so shes no help to me!!!!LOL. l managed to lose the 2lbs l put on so l treated(well OH did- it was our joint account)myself to the kitchen scales.Well this morning l used them for my bran flakes and the size l am allowed is about 1/2 of what l have been having.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Schools Back

Yep thats the end of the May Hols and all the kids are back my DD has been back a week already but at least now l can begin the count down to summer.

l've just come back from school to find my Dotee Kit from my SwapBot partner Red Robin- this picture show all the goodies she has sent. As soon as l have made her l will post a picture.

l managed a couple of brooches yesterday see what you think - the buttons are to die for.

l'm off to finish some orders now and my ATC's on the Title of Home for my next swap- this swapping is as good as selling LOL.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday- The morning after

Well l tried all day yesterday to get on here but time ran away with me. l did manage to make some crochet heart badges/corsages though here's a pic. l love the little LOVE charms l think they are so cute and they finish of the crafts.
My diet buddy came round in the afternoon bringing tales of woe and food excess some dieter shes becoming she recons about 7lbs that shes put on over the 2 weeks so who know where its leading. l must tell you about the bikini l brought- well l wanted a bikini with shorts so l duly purchased one on Fri but didn't try it on until l got home - Bo Derek l wasn't the shorts are that short that my stomach (getting smaller and by no means that big) hung over like a beer gut and when l bent over l had a builders bottom worthy of parking a bike in. Why do they make short shorts? they will be going back ASAP.
Then last night it was OASIS at Heaton Park OMG is was packed l think l must be getting to old to stand as this morning my back is killing me. Their were that many people crushing and swaying it was frightening - l've decided l need a seat in future but as my OH says their is nothing quite like OASIS fan.
My OH has just got called into work so l'm of for a morning of washing and makes.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Another Craft

On Tuesday l went to our local stamping group, l didn't know what l wanted to make but had seen a catalogue and loved the stamps and papers.

This is one of the cards l managed to make l was happy with how it turned it and will be going back for another meeting

l have bought some of the papers already so watch out l may even start entering some of the card challenges!!!

Here's the picture of the brown bird l made yesterday, l prefer the green ones but l have to vary my makes to keep people onboard.

l have noticed over the last week or two that my sales have slowed up but l suppose thats to be expected in the current climate. On the plus side its given me more time to create and build up some stock for my first craft fair.

l'm off to jet wash the decking before lunch today - a womans work is never done LOL.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thursday - In the Garden

Morning all, it is still just morning but lunch is calling.

l've just been to the local nursery to select my plants for my hanging baskets. l love this time of year when l can use my own blends of natures colours to produce a hanging basket that soet of reflects how l feel and the colours l love. l'm a muted person for plants preferring mauves and pale pinks rather than oranges and reds. When l've had lunch l will be off in the garden for an afternoon of me time.

You may have notice l have changed the background to my blog - l decided to do this as l felt my old one was becoming depressing and now summers here l needed to breath a new life to my ramblings.
Heres a picture of an ATC l've just sent as a swap - Title 'Filled with Love'

l'm also working on some bird brooches in brown so watch out for them later.
Lunch is calling salad - yum yum.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday Holiday Catch up

Yes l'm back- we went to Devon for a week and weather was just perfect for camping which makes a change as last year it rained whenever we took the van out. This is a picture l took just after l had the best Devon Cream tea ever. Weight Watchers went out the window this day and l even had to leave half a scone.!!!!! (l so wish l had eaten it now but l would have been sick)l've paid for it at the scales this week l put 2lbs on :(

l've been catching up on reading the blogs l follow and its put me back in the crafting mood.
These are a couple of Dotees l've made for swaps but l thought l'd share them with you.

l've also made some brooches inspired by Dots Birds see what you think- l'm going to add to ESTY later today. They are made from felt and embelished with beads - l think they turned out well but the proofs in the sales l suppose.

l've done some ATC's as well l'll post pictures tomorrow as to much excitement might be to much for you.