Sunday, 11 October 2009

Back to Normality

Yes its over my first craft fair in 20 odd years and wait for it l ............made a profit!!!!! This was very unexpected as although busy it wasn't packed out. The venue was the Salford Art Gallery in Manchester and the crafters were on the second floor of the gallery. My only critisim is the quietness l could have done with some piped music as l felt l had to speak to everyone to break the silence.

My DD came to help as DH is in Barcelona on a Conference(jolly) she was a great help until she lost the plot and put a sticky label on my back which said loser- enough said.

Not sure if l will do another yet but watch this space

l thought l would share this cartoon with you as over the last week or two this has been me.


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  1. Hi Julie, glad your fair went well & you made a profit! I haven't done that at my last couple!

    Thanks for the lovely message on my blog, really apreciated.

    Jan xx