Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Change is as good as a rest.

l decided to help me blog more frequently that an update to my blog format was needed. Hope you like it - it mat stay or may not l cannot decide.

l'm not sure if l have mentioned this(l know l haven't as l keep thinking it will go away) l an off to Glastonbury in a couple of weeks and today the ticket confirmation came to say were going.
My DD id taking 2 friends and this is their alternative prom so not one of these

We will all be wearing these and l have actually treated myself to these Cath Kidston blue spot ones and a Cath Kidston Kag in a Bag.

Not sure if this is really me but ha ho if you can't beat them join them. l plan to sit for 4 days in the camper van drinking lots of tea.

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