Sunday, 26 September 2010

Crafty Sunday

After speaking to my friend Lucy from 'gifted' l have pulled myself together this weekend and as this picture shows it has been chaos.

This was the started of 30 'pins and things jars' which are all sat drying ready for finishing.

l then got on with transforming some vintage tea sets for my 'more tea Vicar' pin cushions - l was very lucky as DH found these cups,saucers and side plates at a local car boot.
They may not be everyones taste but l love them, its just been a while since l have made any.

Any l don't manage to sell will be going with me to Salford Musems craft fair on the 17th Oct.
l did this fair last year and loved it, just to see other peoples ideas and crafts can be an inspiration.


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  2. I have wanted to do these for a while, they are beautiful!!