Friday, 14 September 2012

Clean, Clean, Clean

I am writing this in between washing walls, paintwork, dusting and washing and why because l woke up this morning with an itch l needed to scratch. l had looked round during the week and seen how over just a few weeks things had slipped. l have even washed the bathroom ceiling - but no one will notice when they get in they just expect it to be done the only chance l have of them noticing is if l throw something important out like the receipt that been sat there for 2 weeks and now has its own personal dust layer or if l move the furniture and they fall on there bums when sitting down or miss the bed and hit the floor.

l believe we should all have a break at some point so during one of my breaks l have bought this
l am going to use it to display the corsages l have at the a couple of upcoming craft fairs l am to do.
l'm going now as posting this piccy has reminded me l still need to paint some letters this afternoon.

Have a good weekend.


  1. Hi Julie, I'm popping in to say hello! I'm your swap partner for Lakotas Xmas swap. Now I'm going to read your entire blog and see what you're into! We have mannequins in common! Emma Kate x

  2. Hi Emma Kate, l've left you a message tonight but not sure if youve got it, if you haven't please pop back and give me a nudge.xxxx