Saturday, 12 December 2009

Little Black dresses - not

Its the time of year which l think most women of a certain age and weight dread the most. Why may some of you ask well its time for the Christmas party!

Enough said for most women but l'll explain what it means to me and my friend which was typified by our girls night out last night.

even right up to the last minute l had prayed for it to be called of but no it went ahead and the wardrobe rampage started and ended with the contents of my wardrobe piled high into the middle of the bed. Why hadn't l been to weightwatchers for the last few weeks l could have lost at least another...........1llb(should have been a Stone) and l would have been able to fit into a little black dress and not leggings and a jumper. But out l went to be confronted at my friends door with a wild women holding up 3 different cardigans and shouting 'which one which one.'

We got to our destination to be confronted by drunken middle age men who had been let out for one night only LOL. one very sad man had a peg stuck to his collar to help chat up women - where do these men come from? and vey old women in very short skirts and young thin girls with not much on but not many who didn't even take there coats off(my friend with the cardy problem)
Hope you have something to wear
Julie x

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