Thursday, 7 January 2010

Shop or Not

Why do l bother shopping on line? Its supposed to be easier! not this week.
l thought l would be organised and book my slot - that went ok, l did my shopping -that went ok, then l waited and waited. l had a cup of tea with the last of the milk not a problem l thought the shopping will be here soon. Might be a little late due to the weather but thats fine. DH said "just check its on its way" "no need "l said "no ones phoned me and we have had no email" " go on just check". so l did to be told my shopping had been cancelled without any notification or care.
"l can re book it" they said "When For?" "Saturday" she calmly replied. What a load of old rubbish - l'm lucky l could get out and do my own shopping but what if l had been on my own and elderly and relying on this Supermarket Giant to deliver what then?
Thats my first rant of the New Year but it will not be the last l'm sure.

Anyway heres a piccy of some yummy Orla Kiely fabric l have managed to get hold.
It is called ' Striped Petal'
l may make a couple of cushions with some of it.


  1. Hi Julie have left you a little award on my blog cheers


  2. Oh what a pain! I was annoyed that the supermarket giant delivered mini cheddars instead of cheeselets in the christmas delivery. I think you win though!