Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A few thoughts for the Day

My dottie angel books arrived in in with them was a postcard with a few "do's" on it so l thought l would share them with you as they made me smile.

  • do have high hope

  • do follow the righteous and goodly path of thriftiness

  • do think you are the most peachy perfect

  • do feel a little crafty twice a day

  • do wear your slip peeking out from below your skirt

  • do embrace all that is granny chic and give it a forever home.
l have also open another etsy store for my 'granny' blankets and thrifty fines so if you get time please pop along and have a look. It is www.etsy.com/people/GrandmasThriftyFinds
Then l found these pictures of some lovely blankets and thought l would share these as well.

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