Monday, 6 June 2011

l'm in with the trends?

Its not like me to be on trend but l am(l think). Well over the last few weeks l have been moving in the 'Granny Blanket' trend and have managed to source quite a few with the intention of keeping some for the festivals and then selling some of the others, well the new issue of Molly makes has just popped on my mat and inside it has a super feature on crocheting and features a fab 'granny blanket. They seem to be making a revival.

And l have got to share these cute little kits that have just arrived from 'pupurin' they are for a teddy,kitty,puppy and bunny. l could not resist them who knows how l found them thats the mystery of esty. Anyway please have a look at their store well worth a few pounsds

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