Thursday, 9 July 2009

Thursday 50's/60'sDay

It is our local schools 50th Anniversary this year and today was labelled a 'Play Ground Party' based on a 50's - 60's dress code.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This saw me having a bigger wardrobe malfunction than normal and l had to pour myself into pedal pushers that had been put out for the charity shop along with a pair of red shoes l cannot walk in. l was fine today as long as l didn't walk or eat. l had to take the shoes of on the way home and undo my pants-l'm too old for all this messing about.
Wished l'd looked like this piccy

Today also saw my first crafts supplied to Becky at she has sent me some pictures and l'm so pleased they look like someone else has made the items.

l'm off now to pack for CAMPER JAM this weekend we are taking Em and 4 teenagers with us. We must be mad but it seemed a good idea at the time LOL.

Fingers crossed for good weather. Have a good weekend. Julie x

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