Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Cath Kidston Store Found

l must go round with my eyes closed when l shop but not today l have found my ultimate shop/franshise right on my door step.

Yes l shout for all you crafters with a love of Cath Kidston - a Cath Kidston section in Selfridiges at the Trafford Centre(open since Sept) :( . l could just pass through and um and ah at the goodies on offer oh no l had to strike up a conversation with the manager. Firstly about this new book, l have preordered from Amazon(l am that person)and then we talked about crafting in general and how John Lewis run craft sessions sewing and crocheting. She seemed very interested and l did resist putting myself forward for running them. My suggestion is when the book is launched in Oct they should run a sewing group so that people can make the bag as shown in the book - she will probably get a pay rise for this idea now but it was mine.

Anyway l now have a new best friend- the Cath Kidston Manager.

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