Monday, 31 August 2009

tres cafés con leche por favor

Yes l'm back to a very wet Manchester just when l'm trying to wash the holiday clothes !

The title of my post is about the only Spanish l have managed to use this holiday but it has been well used.(3 cafe lattes please) It was during these coffees that we were able to escape the children for 1/2 hr.

It was actually too warm for me 38-40C and when sat on the beach l felt like as was being cooked like a well greased turkey. Can anyone tell me how the Spanish manage to sit on the beach and not have a grain of sand on their bodies? and be perfectly turned out at all times?
This is a short post but l'm raring to craft so watch this space for some new item - bad news is Em and her friends somehow manged to break the new camera so although l have downloaded the hol pics l don't have a camera at the moment : ( , l'm off to search for the old one now .


  1. Welcome back! Hope you had a lovely time :-)

  2. great to here you back.....sounds like you had a good time