Thursday, 24 September 2009

Its Official

Yes Christmas is coming - l decided that as the Craft fair l'm doing has advertised as "buy your Christmas presents" then l'd better do some Christmasy things so l've started with some tags for either 'posh presents' or 'tree decorations' they needed ribbons yet but at least its a start.

I've also made these corsages which l have shown a few friends and they think they will sell ok but who knows - everyone will be getting one for Christmas if they don't sell but what will my Dad do with one?

l'll try and show you some of the things l'm doing over the next few days but at the moment its chaos. l hate mass production whenl craft as l get fed up of making the same thing.
Julie x


  1. These are super cute. Is the patterned fabric fleece or just regular cotton fabric?

  2. Oh, and I forgot to ask, can you email me your mailing address...I want to send you something for commenting on my blog. my email is :)

  3. These are gorgeous as usual! I especially love the corsages :-)