Thursday, 17 September 2009

It was a Late Night

Last night was a late night for all the wrong reasons, no l wasn't doing orders or watching a film, or having a meal l was helping my 15y DD do her Food Tech course work!!!! Why she thinks that a little work will help her pass l don't know and at the moment this lack of work is causing the most stress to me and DH she is oblivious to it. This combined with my DH starting on the kitchen redesign in the middle of trying to do orders, clean up and work is tooooooooo much.
And another thing l missed yesterday was the 1st Birthday to celebrate Cath Kidston at the Trafford Centre and they were having cakes - yes cakes and a bag give away. Who had to work ?yep me

So l have decided that l'm going to treat myself -hah- to a new Cath Kidston bag so watch out DH because he will be paying.
Feel much better now for a quick rant and may even tidy up in the craft room which by the way will be moving to our summer house so l can leave out my orders and bits and bobs without causing any more mess indoors. Well thats the idea but Winter is coming and l don't do cold!!! Speak to all soon.
Love Julie x

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