Sunday, 24 June 2012

Glue Heaven

As l bogged a few weeks ago l wanted to have ago at using 'Mod Podge' well l have been.

Firstly when l looked at all the different types on sale l became a bit over awed and worried as to which on was right for my needs. l opted to try the Matte variety.

l am so impressed with it people have reviewed it as PVA watered down but l didn't feel this, in my opinion its a crafters dream.

l have started my dream by using it to cover a couple of note books and a diary in fabric. Here they are in various stages of 'make' the brown fabric is a 70's pillow case and as you will recognise the other is Cath Kidston fabric.

l actually coated the fabric on top and then sanded it back to a smooth finish which makes them more durable.
It is time consuming but l had 3 on the go at the same time to try and increase my production.
These will be joining me at my next fair unless l get too attached.

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