Monday, 18 June 2012

Unloved and Unused

We all seem to be in possession of mismatched vintage crockery we either inherited or bought because we liked the pattern and l'm no different- always looking  for that valuable piece to take to the Antiques Road Show - as with most people this is still to happen(l wish) So l have a stash, like my fabric of crockery never used just gathering dust and then l discovered the Vintage Tea which embraces everything shabby chic and the more miss matched the better and with that the home made 'Cake Stand'.

As always l thought l can do that and cheaper- l hate to pay when l think l can do something so l have and here they are l now have more stand that cakes! l will be listing more in my Etsy shop when l gather my plates together so if you are having a tea party and your short of a stand you know where to go.


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