Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Have your Cake and Eat it

l've away to indulge in something else l enjoy, l have joined the  where people Bake, eat and talk about Cake. Gather in secret locations, meet new people. it’s all about CAKE. Just my thing and l get to take a friend.

l am led to believe that people do similar things in secret locations and have pop up vintage teas where have these people been all my life and just when l have decided to join Slimming World and ditch Weight Watchers for a bit.

l would like to also share the beautiful pincushion l received as part of the swap organised by from humbugbuttonbeetle

and these were the items l sent to Lucy

A mason jar pin cushion and a 'bits and bobs' jar.


  1. I like the thought of women gathering for secret cake eating!


  2. l'll keep you posted it might be a swingers club with cake thrown in !