Friday, 1 May 2009

Long Weekend ahead

l managed to send of my ATC and l've now decided to go on a card making workshop next week- see where this putting my hand up has got me again. l will need more space to keep this new craft as l'm filling up the craft room and l'm left with a little space for my chair again.

Anyway its a long weekend and mines already full - football (l'm a steward because if you cannot beat them join them and get paid), then we have May Day Steam with us taking our vintage Douglas Vespa- we call it Father Jack as the number plate is FEK---, to show. l actually ride my own Vespa during the nice weather to take the hassle out of parking and get round the traffic. Then on Sunday we are off to Wray in our Type 2 VW Camper, Wray is where the scarecrows are on show. l will post pictures when l get back as long as you don't mistake me for a scarecrow!

l wanted to show you my latest purchase from ESTY l couldn't resist but l'll have to hide from Peter as he wont understand


  1. Aww he's so sweet - I understand! LOL but hubby's don't

    Jan x

  2. So glad to know I am not the only one who does this, along with knocking off a few pound off the price when he does find out I brought something. lol

    I love it what's it made from and what does the tag read, I am curious now