Saturday, 16 May 2009

Peace at Last

Well peace for a couple of hours Peter worked and Em was on her Duke of Edinburgh trial walk so l had a day to myself. l sorted the dog out put the washing in and settled down to craft and my mind went blank anyway postie came with my buys and so l could start on my second Dotee. I've called her Old Blue Eyes.

Also in the post was my ATC swap from Emma @ Kullakita. When l open up the envelope it literally popped open. It contains some crafty sayings l love it. The other pictures are the 2 l sent off to the swap. l have also joined where l hope to swap Dotees and ATC's with other like minded people(mad as Pete says).

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  1. Hi Julie
    Just wanted to pass on this award to you as you deserve it for your fab blog.....should be able to link it here

    cheers kazx