Monday, 13 April 2009

Lets Start Then

Well this post will tell you a little about me other than anything that l may put in my profile. l have always 'made' things even from an early age but the last year or two have seen me want to move into crafting as such and maybe sell some of my items. My inspirations are Cath Kidston , Laura Ashley and Vintage Fabric. I currently sell my items through ebay but this year will see me attempting a craft fair or two.
l love to read other peoples blogs to see what they get up to. l was inspired to st up my own blog after reading about a crafter on the craft forum who had just set up her own. My daughter is horrified as see doesn't want me popping up on face book as it may cramp her style. l have just told my husband about my blog idea and all he could say was you need to write everyday and who would want to hear about your ramblings. So who knows it may just me me reading about me for the next few years but then again if you are reading this then it will be you and me for now.


  1. Have we the same husband he doesn't see the point about blogging and the craft forum we both use. I have only just started blogging and added to my following list.

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