Thursday, 23 April 2009

A Little Walk

Well at the moment me and my friend Anne-Marie are trying to loose weight(as always) for our joint family holiday along with another family. We do try to support each other but we really hate it if one of us loses more weight than the other. Hence my new obsession with walking everywhere and drinking that much water l need a comfort break every 10mins. Today l decided to take the camera when l took the dog out just to break up my walk, the only pictures l managed to take are 1. Two very far off geese 2. The dog looking for food in the bushes. Other than that the other people out and about thought l was from the council checking on picking up dog poo.
My parcel was just what l had been waiting for the first of my new tags for my crafts, l have decided l need to step up the final presentaion of the items with a tag for my name and address. These were even better than expected so l will be buying more. The others should be here in a day or two so will show you them than.

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