Tuesday, 28 April 2009

No Pressure Then

Someone on the Craft Forum came up with a fad idea re following each others blogs so now l have today 9 followers so welcome to you all and thank you. This now gives the added pressure of actually writing something regularly with no spelling mistakes which if you have read my previous posts may be a problem. Also the quality of my pictures with need a little work but hayho we're in it for the long slog.

This is a picture of this mornings make- it a corsage made from vintage Laura Ashley Fabric,it looks better in the flesh.
Regarding the weight lose it was another 1lb this week and they made me go to Keep Fit after the WW class - my friend Anne-Marie saw the class advertised in the Chip shop when she was buying Fridays tea(What does that tell you diet-chips don't go together)so off we trotted well l can just about walk this morning me and exercise don't go.
Anyway l'm off for my salad lunch and water - it sounds so appetising doesn't it.


  1. Hi Julie, good to read your blog and love your corsage.

    I'm dieting too at the moment - groan - it never gets any easier does it?

    All the best

    Jan (AutumnFaerie on CF) xx

  2. So make that 12 followers now! Good luck with WW, I'm a SW girl myself and my exercise is the Wii Fit, it really does make exercising fun :o)

  3. Please don't put any more pressure on me about spelling mistakes, my brother is enough who visits my site and proof reads it for me.

    He even correct my personal emails to him arrrraghhh