Wednesday, 29 April 2009

What have l signed up for?

l must be mad l have just put myself down on the craft forum to do an ATC why? l get so carried away with myself these thing sound like a good idea but is this one l can do? l will try as all the world loves a tryer and when all said and done l'm one of them.l found this picture of what to do with the ATC's and the different types

Today has been a no make date up to now l don't seem to be in the mood today we all have off days - l may venture in the craft room and see if l'm inspired but not before l've washed up and had a WW yogurt. l must just let off stream about my shopping ,which l have delivered, on two counts 1. i book the slot for 5.00pm-7.00pm what time has he tried to delivery it the last 3 week -4.30pm. 2. Why are all the use by dates tomorrow ?3. why haven't they applied the multi buy discounts? Its been like this the last few weeks and l'm fed up and l hate shopping.

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  1. Hopefully you'll find a bit of ATC inspiration! Have fun

    Jan xx