Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A look at my Inspiration

The following books have been my inspiration for my craft projects todate every time l read them(look at the pictures) l get itchy fingers and ideas start to whirl around my head. as with most crafters l have more ideas than time and have no sooner picked up on skill then l'm off in search of the next. Hence l'm not an expert at anything l tend to graze through crafts.

The other major influence this year is this book
Much to the disgust of my family this year we are tightening our belts and making an effort to save - at the current time this is falling soley at my feet and with the help of 'Martin' l have a sealed tin on the go and look for offers all the time.
You will hear alot about 'Martin' over the next 12 months he has been my saviour.

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