Monday, 4 April 2011

New Front Door Fund

?You may think what a funny title for a post but this is the start of save till you can save no more for a new front door - catchy isn't it.

The crux of the problem is l have seen a new front door - note the I, and it is going to cost over £1000 DH can see no benefit in changing our existing front door as there is nothing wrong with it - mens logic. So he has said if l want one l have to save up!!!!!.

This mornings job is to collect all the neglected change from round the house and put into respective tins, l have a copper tin, a silver tin and a pound a day tin. The pound a day tin is for Christmas. Then at some point in the next few months l will need to count said change, this bit l hate.

l have also decided to up the craft out put and sell sell sell which l will put into the door fund.

Wish me luck.

We have also had a little addition to the Utratny household- Emilys first car - its a 1967 beetle and is what is known as 'Rat Look' she has just started lessons and this was her Birthday present.

The next time you see her she will have 'Fodder' on the top and rope round the bumper this should complete the look.

Need to get on looking for change be back soon


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