Friday, 8 April 2011

Sunny again

Who would think l was up early on my day off and have actually got 5 alice bands in some stage of construction certainly not Pete whoc thinks l spend these days in bed. l have even had the dog out and had breakfast- phew l need a lie down.

The colours are more vivid than the photo, with the intention that the button should pull together all the colours of the felt and band. l think they work but as with everything it is personal taste

This spate of sunshine makes me want to clean and tidy especially when it shows up all the dust. We are more dusty than normal as they just finished resurfacing both the pavement and road surfaces in our road. So cleaning is the order of the day with all the windows open to let fresh air in which puts a smile on my face.

Another job l may try to address over the next few days is to open a Folksy Shop and a Facebook page which seems to be the way togo to get your products to the masses. Does anyone have any tip on doing either of these?

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