Thursday, 7 April 2011

To Warm the Heart

l had already bought this felt before my cost cutting drive and l thought l would share the colours with you - they are actually brighter in real life. They will now be turned into brooches and hair slides at some point today! Sometimes things just get those creative jucies going and this pile of felt is one of them. As l have been tidying the craft room l have came accross things l had forgot about waiting to be turned into something crafty. A box of handwarmers waiting for covers, 6 hotwater bottles again waiting for covers, mothers day ribbon which l will have to keep until next year now, covered button and fabric l had long forgotten about to give a couple of examples. l am going to put together patchwork packs with some of the fabric l have come accross one way to raise some money and reduce the fabric before l'm found under a pile that has toppled over one day.

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