Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Where is it???

l bought this jumper all excited ready to do felting and its still not arrived. l watched the postman with baited breath and he just shook his head and said those sad word's 'no post today' :(

l even went car booting on Sunday to try and find a suitable jumper but to no avail all my hopes are pinned on the jumper that should have been.

l've genned up on what to do and l've got the pattern and machine at the ready.

Lets see what tomorrow brings(that a song if l ever heard one)

Thrifty tips of the week:

  • Freeze your candles. Put your candles in the freezer for an hour before lighting as cold candles last longer and don't drip.

  • Join a site such as Groupon or KGB deals these all offer discounted treats for yourself or family - l can recommend Groupon as have used a few times



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