Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Anyone for Tea?

Hope you all had a lovely Jubilee weekend it was just a shame about the weather.

All these street parties and cup cakes set me on a trail of have you still got.......

Firstly my Dads house .... have you still got the cake stand(notice the singular) that Mum had that held 3 plates- which bit the dust many years before? Not sure go and have a look. Which l did and came away with 4 vintage cake stands and a strawberry glass bowl!
Then DH have we still got the china from Auntie Tillys? Yes some in the loft and some easier to find in the sideboard. l have yet to venture in the loft.
these pictures show my hoard to date.

l have also ordered a diamond drill and cake stand fittings to make my own stands form the vast array of plates l have already.
To complete my tea party l have bought this vintage teapot just hope it gets here in one piece.

Not a bad haul for a wet weekend.

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