Friday, 8 June 2012

Bunting for Blighty

Well if like me you are fed up with all this weather then here's what l have been up to to brighten up my garden as it rains.
Bunting .... Bunting l hear you say well whats new about that?  to some of you l may be teaching my granny to suck eggs but I'm going to share my tips with you anyway.

Firstly l decided that fabric bunting was a waste of time for the British weather so l wanted water proof bunting. My inclination was towards Cath Kidston PVC fabric but at £22/m l was reluctant to have a 'try' so l managed to find some Cath Kidston esq PVC for £4.69/m with free delivery so well worth a 'try'

Next l cut the bunting shape from the floral PVC and roughly cut a back from the spotted PVC and sewed the two together back to back.

After this l  cut out the bunting using pinking shears which has given a nice effect and covers any imperfections in sewing.
And finally l will be adding a spotted header and attaching them with alternative patterns showing.

l think for the money and the effort it looks fab, l just need a break in the weather to hang it up:) 

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