Friday, 1 June 2012

Another one bits the dust

Another of those must do jobs has now almost been completed.

l had been neglecting the craft room for some time and collecting 'bits' of fabric for the last year or so and l thought these people that organised there fabric were a bit anal if the truth be known - more time than they knew what to do with. l used to shove them in a drawer and routing through when l needed something, to be fair l normally couldn't find anything and bought more.
Well l'm now one of them! l have spent the last 2 days ironing my fabric and ironing my patchwork pieces and they now look like this.(These are a very small sample of my fabric pieces l assure you)

There is still much work to be done but l've got plenty of time.......

This is my craft table which l have now moved under the window much better light and l now have view of the comings and goings of our birds. Have l sat at it yet?'no' the weather has been to good.

And another plus is l have re launched my Etsy shop- its slow listing at the moment but l will gather pace as l have loads to sell. Have a look if you get chance you may be surprised or not.


  1. My fabric is still at the 'in drawers' stage. At the moment I'm decluttering, wonder why no space appears despite several bags to cs's?!
    Carol xx

  2. l just keep finding hidden fabric in places l had put it for safe keeping. lts never ending.

  3. my fabrics are everywhere and i really need to find ingenious ways to organise it..