Friday, 19 June 2009

The Barks Worse than the Bite

These Scottie Dogs were inspired by my neighbours dog Lucy and as my title says the barks worse than the bite. she will start barking at a paper bag rustling and l dread putting out my washing some days.
Anyway these are a new line of Small Pillows for either drawers or to just sit on the side as decoration. They are called 'Dotty' the Scottie and will be listed in over the next few days l hope
The weekend sees me joining my gardening group- we have decided to reform as a plant swap group(Why me) at our first plant swap meeting to outline our plans for our first plant swap to be help locally. l don't intend to be put for ward for any jobs but lets just see if l manage to keep my hand down(it will be a first)


  1. hi julie
    or should i say woof woof!!lol, Love these are they easy to make?? Thought myself about making some hearts but dont know how easy/hard they are to do, let me know might be inspired to have a go


  2. They're adorable! You got the shape just right :D