Tuesday, 9 June 2009

SwapBot Day

This is a picture of the Dotee l sent to my swap partner, the Theme was 'Polka Dotee'. l can post a picture now as my partner has received it. l'm due one on the same theme so will show and tell when it gets here.

l've got to get down to my swaps today and have a pin cushion to make, and another Dotee, after these l have another 5 to do- l love it when the posty gets here and it lands on the mat you never know what will turn up.

Just to keep up you upto date with the cossy l managed to change the shorts and now possess 2 Bikinis no shorts l just need to lose the stone l promised myself.

My diet buddy went to WW and put 8lbs on in 4 weeks so shes no help to me!!!!LOL. l managed to lose the 2lbs l put on so l treated(well OH did- it was our joint account)myself to the kitchen scales.Well this morning l used them for my bran flakes and the size l am allowed is about 1/2 of what l have been having.


  1. From my blog reply ;) "Oh you should get some! They're wonderful! :D You can easily build fencing to keep Mr Fox out too :D Thanks for the link!"