Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Heather Ross - the bottom of my pile

Well l now know l've more fabric than sense. l was looking through my stash to find a novelty print for sending on a swap when l can across some Heather Ross fabric. l soooo love her fabric prints and the quality is second to none. so it came as a big surprise to find tucked at the bottom off a very large pile of fabrics to find quite alot that l had never even unfolded after buying.
l have chosen these 2 to send to my swap partner and l'm sure she will love them(If not she can always pass them on) and l have put the rest of them to the top of the pile just waiting for inspiration- they could be there some time as my inspiration is a bit drained at the moment.


  1. beautiful fabric , am off to google Heather Ross :)

  2. if your anything like me you will not be able to resist. The fabric is so soft its to die for :)