Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Its all a Blur

The title tells you how my week has been- a Blur and its not down to drink. l don't seem to have much chance to make anything other than finish orders but hopefully the rest of the week will calm down. l did do a great swap with Kas from l am so pleased with the brooch and she was worried l wouldn't. OH has taken this picture so l apologise before l get any comments David Bailey he is not.

The other thing l have finished is this Dotee Doll which was for my American Partner(so no chance of it being seen before she gets it) The theme was Dance Hall Dotees from the old Westerns.

Also l stayed the same at WW which is a miracle with the amount l ate on Saturday-l had 2 teas barby and pizza it wasn't planned but l couldn't let anyone down so had to be in 2 places at once. Then to rub salt in the wounds my diet buddy lost 4lbs!!!!!! its not fair !!!!!

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