Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Wednesday Holiday Catch up

Yes l'm back- we went to Devon for a week and weather was just perfect for camping which makes a change as last year it rained whenever we took the van out. This is a picture l took just after l had the best Devon Cream tea ever. Weight Watchers went out the window this day and l even had to leave half a scone.!!!!! (l so wish l had eaten it now but l would have been sick)l've paid for it at the scales this week l put 2lbs on :(

l've been catching up on reading the blogs l follow and its put me back in the crafting mood.
These are a couple of Dotees l've made for swaps but l thought l'd share them with you.

l've also made some brooches inspired by Dots Birds see what you think- l'm going to add to ESTY later today. They are made from felt and embelished with beads - l think they turned out well but the proofs in the sales l suppose.

l've done some ATC's as well l'll post pictures tomorrow as to much excitement might be to much for you.


  1. I love Cream Teas! Glad to hear that the camping was so successful and love your little birdie!

  2. The problem is l'm dreaming about the scone l left LOL.