Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday- The morning after

Well l tried all day yesterday to get on here but time ran away with me. l did manage to make some crochet heart badges/corsages though here's a pic. l love the little LOVE charms l think they are so cute and they finish of the crafts.
My diet buddy came round in the afternoon bringing tales of woe and food excess some dieter shes becoming she recons about 7lbs that shes put on over the 2 weeks so who know where its leading. l must tell you about the bikini l brought- well l wanted a bikini with shorts so l duly purchased one on Fri but didn't try it on until l got home - Bo Derek l wasn't the shorts are that short that my stomach (getting smaller and by no means that big) hung over like a beer gut and when l bent over l had a builders bottom worthy of parking a bike in. Why do they make short shorts? they will be going back ASAP.
Then last night it was OASIS at Heaton Park OMG is was packed l think l must be getting to old to stand as this morning my back is killing me. Their were that many people crushing and swaying it was frightening - l've decided l need a seat in future but as my OH says their is nothing quite like OASIS fan.
My OH has just got called into work so l'm of for a morning of washing and makes.

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