Friday, 4 May 2012

Crowning Glory

Well the title could suggest the state of my hair but it doesn't is the title of the latest Cath Kidston instore event. Those of you that buy from Cath Kidston will by now have received you catalogue and in this is the chance to go on one of their in store events - l managed to get on the Manchester after leaving my number and waiting for a call back for 1 1/2 hours - but who cares l'm on and l cannot wait the girl doing the books said that they had had unprecedented interest.
We are going to embroider a guards hankie which we can then turn into a cushion or frame.
l'm going to go for a cushion and try and buy some guards fabric.

Have a look at your local store you may be abble to get tickets.


  1. Hello!

    Will be great to meet you....maybe we can sit on the same table?

    My sister is so thrilled to am I!
    Really looking forward to a nice evening out!


  2. Hi Julie, lovely to have you on our pincushion swap. I came to say hello !