Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fashion Icon or Bag Lady

Charity Shop Clothing for the over 40’s can we get away with it?
This is a question which just recently has started to pray on my mind , the mind of a 40+ who thinks shes 30+.
All these writers of thrifting blogs seem to be late 20's early 30's where l would say they get away with a bit of vintage and charity shop clothing they seem to make it look cool. but what about us ladies of a certain age can we pull it off? Well l am trying not to be drawn to the M&S cardies and going for a more retro vibe(lve got the language).
 l'm trying to match Charity finds with good high street fashion labels where possible and that may be a vintage dress with designer shoes and handbag or a selection of brooches and beads to brighten up a classic outfit.
What do you do? or do you steer away from charity shopping as it carries a stigma?
l do also buy clothing from ebay as l find clothing cheaper than at vintage fairs most of the time so here's my latest purchase to be worn very soon.

But do l look hip or a bit like a bag lady and do l care? Do l look like my mum did first time round or have l made a style of my own? lots of questions but sadly no answers l'm just going to go with the flow until l see small children pointing in the street unable to believe what they are seeing.
This is not what l'm trying to achieve l want to be more like this

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