Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Summary of the Night

This Cath Kidston workshop was the best to date- the embroidery was simple enough for beginners and can easily be completed - if l get time (watch this space) Please pop over to Mel At home with MelMel as she has done a fab write up of the event and taken some great pictures of the store. This was my first time of meeting  Mel and l managed to spot the right person this time l normally approach the totally wrong one., Mel was there with her sister and it was lovely to talk to like minded people. l tried to ditch my own friends but l needed a lift home.

Today is another big day 25 years married - l know l don't look old enough - l was a child bride - l wish and l got .....................................

He knows me so well and that's why we have lasted so long, well that and he had money when l met him - this has long gone.
I did get some other presents and flowers but thought you would all be most jealous of the bag.

And now l sussed out adding youtube clips here's our song with the spoken bit(this was very important and had to be included when the song was played


  1. It was so good to meet you Julie!

    My sister was pleased to have lots of good places to look up and visit, so thank you for all the information on the vintage fairs and markets.
    she does not get much of a chance to do stuff like it made her night...xxxx

  2. the bag and congrats on 25 years married....xx