Saturday, 26 May 2012

How the Mighty Fall - Hard

Friday was our schools day to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and as part of the celebrations the Deputy Lord Lieutenant was coming to plant the Jubilee tree which all schools had received from the Queen- not personally, one of her minions must have grown it. So much deliberation as too what to wear went on and l decided on a loose tunic and my brand new light weight trousers. Can you see whats coming - well looked fine, everything fitted ,no wardrobe malfunctions - if anything my handbag was a little on the heavy side. Now you may see whats coming , yes l fell over taking the children to school, in the playground first thing in the morning, l went down like a sack of spuds and l jumped up like a startled rabbit and all l wanted to do was cry. l have managed to knock my knee up and am hobbling round and everyone thinks l'm a wimp (just wait till it happens to them)but worse than that my brand new trousers now have scuff marks at both knees. l blame my handbag l must have been badly balanced.

Well it does have plus side being laid up l managed to finished my embroidery from the Cath Kidston craft evening. l have made mine in a cushion using some of the Jubilee fabric l already had. One of the girls l went with also finished hers so l made hers into a cushion as well, we had to finish them otherwise they would still be in the draw until the next Royal event. We both added embellishments to them just to make them a little different. Here's a picture of mine


  1. Oh it looks lovely!
    Ok....fessions time....we haven't touched ours since leaving the shop....errmmm....better get on with it....looks fab as a cushion!


    1. Mine would have stayed in the bag bar my friend finishing hers- so come on you can do it :D

  2. I like the jewels you put on it.....too cool!
    I have done a bit on it this evening...then got side tracked by a fave program....Sanctuary....bit hooked on it.....half day off tomorrow...will crack on and get it done!


  3. want to see a piccy on here when finished :D you have just over a week!